I have been seeing Anne for sports massage for years now, she is simply the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.


Anne is extremely good at identifying my problem areas and sets to work with a very deep massage which, I have to say is not for those who just wish to be pampered. I cannot begin to explain the difference this makes.


Anne is a very accomplished massage therapist who I would recommend to anyone.


Anne’s deep tissue massage is the best! She finds all the right spots and I feel great afterwards.

Welcome, how can I help?

Thank you for browsing my website, I hope the information will explain that despite its name Sports Massage isn’t just beneficial when undertaking any type of sport. It can also provide relief from muscle tension due to the stresses of daily life, and used purely for the maintenance of healthy muscles.

As a Sports Massage Therapist, my treatments work on improving the quality of the soft tissue within the body. The blood supply increases, relaxing tension, flushing through lactic acid and realigning scar tissue. I help to correct imbalances built up through training and everyday activities, allowing my patients greater freedom of movement and consequently, a better quality of life.

Numerous techniques are used throughout my treatments to ensure the best results with the minimal discomfort. I work instinctively, responding to the muscles and soft tissues in the body, tailoring each treatment to the patient’s physical needs or injuries.

Anne Offers…
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Injury prevention & rehabilitation
  • Tension relief from stress
  • Postural re-alignment
  • Anti-natal & post-natal massage
  • Complementary Massage ( including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Scalp Massage)
  • Pain relief for arthritis & osteoarthritis suffers
  • In-house chair massage
  • Exercise Programmes
  • Help for relief from back pain including core stability strenghtening
  • Also treat at two clinics with support from physiotherapists & osteopaths

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